Keno Player Hits 1 Million Jackpot

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It was one of the best birthday gifts for a woman playing keno when she won a jackpot of more than $1 million. However, it seems celebrations have just begun for her and her family.

gambling360 casino online.

Birthday jackpot

The lucky woman hailing from Bundaberg said that it was sheer luck that worked in her favour as she had no intention of buying a keno ticket on a weekday. However, as it turns out she bought one while out for her birthday drinks and ended up winning the surprise money. She won it by playing the winning numbers of her birthday day and year. real money casinos


She spent $20 on buying the ticket and played 20 games by spending $1 on each game. What’s more surprising for her is that while she usually plays only six numbers; she decided to play 10 numbers on her birthday night. What began as just a fun night of birthday celebration over a few drinks turned out to be one of the best nights of her life. french casinos

It is the second keno jackpot worth millions that has found a winner in Queensland. Keno is a popular casino and lottery game and now with all the talk of jackpot money, it is bound to become even more popular.

Humble winner

The winner of the birthday jackpot is excited by her win, but remains practical as far as her use of this jackpot money is concerned. She has four kids and works as patient diet monitor at a local hospital. She plans to continue working at her job, which she has held for the past decade. However, now she plans to use the funds to continue her education and study to be a dietician. She also wants to buy a house, make some investments and give some of the winning money to her children. The 42-year-old is thrilled at her win but says she knows how to sensibly use her money. Online Casino

She says that she couldn’t believe that she was the winner of the keno jackpot. She thanked her stars saying that she won’t have to struggle to pay her bills any more.

The Science of Excitement



Despite its current popularity, Keno is a game that gathers many more players when a promotion is involved. However, gamers often wonder about the rationale and numbers that exist behind the promotions that owners are making available to them. Promotions are not taken lightly by casino owners due to the fact that they can lead to considerable losses when the math does not add up or execution is poor. The good news for gamers and owners is that there is some real industry knowledge that exists when it comes to developing Keno promotions.

Te first step owners take is to decide what kind of audience they wish to target. Promotions can be developed with the goal of gathering new players, or a particular promotion can be tailored to retain devoted ones. Owners always craft their promotions with their goals in mind while also keeping things as simple as possible. For instance, a promotion may allow players to buy 10 games in order to make the next one free. More complex deals might take place in tournament play, keeping audiences engaged for days at a time.

Regardless of the type of promotion, simplification is always a major concern. Most offerings avoid fine print as well. Additionally, effective promotions make qualifying for the offering as open as possible. Failing on the mathematical front can also be disastrous. A notorious example of such a failure took place at the Fiesta Casino. They ran a promotion for several days that offered double the returns on four different kinds of poker simultaneously. They lost millions due to miscalculations, offering experienced players a six percent edge over the house and novice players a one to three percent edge. Other considerations that are integral in Keno promotions are the excitement of the offer, the abilities of the staff orchestrating gaming, and the promotion of the offer beforehand. All things considered, there is a fine line between exciting Keno promotions for players and profits for the house offering them.

Grand Mondial Casino Review

there vying for their cash, why stop and put money into this one? Well, the reason is pretty apparent, once you spend more than a few minutes on the program. Grand Mondial is a quality online gambling establishment that offers a unique blend of upside, stability, and ease of use in its interface. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out just why this casino works so well.

Grand Mondial Online

A first glance at the home page of the Grand Mondial will reveal a place that is willing to bet on itself. Rather than inundating you with pop ups and ‘spam type’ offers, the website puts themselves out there with a simple row of options. The first tab shows a small selection of their games, the second shows how to join, and the third tab offers support for those that have further questions. Across the top of the page will be the promotion of the moment which, right now, is $2,500 free dollars to gamble with for new users.

The cover is all well and good but how about what goes on inside of the casino? First you’d have to download the client package, which is simple, and then set up your account. Make sure to take advantage of the sign-up bonus being offered. Once the client has been installed upon your computer and your initial deposit has been made, you are ready to start laying cash down.

Mondial offers all of the top slot machines as well as video poker and roulette. If you find yourself stagnating at a certain machine or game, feel free to move on down the line to something that you feel better about. With over 375 different slot machines, 76 different table games, and 58 different video poker stations, you will never run out of something to play.

Once you end up in the money, you can make easy withdrawals. There are only two limitations that Mondial has established for their online casino: #1 you must have at least $50 to withdraw and #2 there is a withdrawal limit of $4000 per week. So, if you end up winning a big jackpot, just keep that in mind. Otherwise enjoy the plethora of games, speedy withdrawals, and quality support system at the Grand Mondial!

When St. Paddy’s Day Got Much Special

Happy occasions become much more memorable when someone takes an effort to make them memorable for you. That is exactly what happened this St. Paddy’s Day, which turned out to be a little more special for online casino game lovers. The reason being that several Irish-themed slot games available on online casinos sites. Here are some of the best loved Irish-themed slot games that players were glued to this St. Paddy’s Day.


More bonuses on St. Patrick's Day



Plenty O’ Fortune

Yes, there is no stopping you in winning big if you have luck in your favour. An enthusiastic elf welcomes you into the game and waits impatiently for the reels to spin. The five-reel game features twenty paylines. Players especially enjoy the ‘Wishing Well’ bonus round where the elf tries to get hold of as many coins as possible, while they are being shot out at him. Another bonus round, ‘End of the Rainbow‘ prompts players to help the elf who is struggling to collect gold pots. The game is powered by Playtech.

Irish Eyes 2

Sequel to the immensely popular slot game, this five-reel game is set in a forest full of pipes, clovers and hats. Just like the original, the Irish girl’s green eyes once again are used as the wild symbol in Irish Eyes 2. The gold pot helps players win up to twenty free spins. It also gives them the chance to multiply their winning amount up to three times the original value. The feature is excellent for boosting player winnings. The game is powered by NextGen Gaming.

Super Lucky Frog

Another offering by NetEnt, Super Lucky Frog too is a five-reel game. Among the most impressive of its features is the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, which offers players up to 30,000 coins. Players can simultaneously hit up to three jackpots in this bonus level.

NetEnt’s Latest Monster: Dracula Online

The latest offering from online gambling software developer, NetEnt, is downright spooky. NetEnt, the world’s largest provider of online slots and gaming software, has partnered up with Universal Partnerships & Licensing to give players Dracula Online, an engrossing slots game set in a world of nightwalkers.

Universal Monsters Dracula Online Slots is just the latest themed slots games from NetEnt, and the company is confident that players are going to love it. Chief Product Officer at NetEnt, Simon Hammon, is very happy with the results of his company’s collaboration with Universal, saying that “players will love this gothic slot.”


Dracula Online Slot is the latest from NetEnt.


Dracula Online allows players the chance at Free Spins, Stacked and Wild symbols as well as Stacked Wilds. One of the most intriguing new features of Dracula Online is the Bat option. When players hit the Bat button, Dracula explodes into a swarm of bats that transforms the symbols on the reels to random symbols. The Bat option gives players the freedom to transform their fate.

Always leading the edge of innovation, NetEnt has incorporated spooky binaural sound into the Universal Studios Monster franchise. Players with headphones or surround sound speaker systems will feel as if they are actually in a world of bats and vampires when they spin the reels.

Hopefully, players will see more monster-themed slots games from Universal and NetEnt in the future, but for now players are eager to take a bite out of Dracula Online. Since founding in 1996, NetEnt has created some of the world’s most popular and engrossing online slots games, and Dracula promises to be a welcome addition to its family of games. Through its partnership with Universal, NetEnt could soon create games based off of The Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein and the Mummy.

A Dream Come True

You may have seen a lot of people hit the jackpot right in front of you, but how often have you hit the jackpot? It’s not everyday that you turn out to be the lucky, in fact, it’s a rarity for many. However, not for this 61-year old account manager at who hit the jackpot four times! Call it about having the Midas Touch. The senior, who recently won a Keno jackpot, is happy, not just because he won big money, but also because he has finally achieved his dream – of winning all the four biggest Keno Jackpots! Feeling envious already? Read on to find out how much the lucky elder cashed in.

Four times lucky

Keno JackpotIt was just a month ago that he won a seven-number Keno jackpot at Breakers Country Club in New South Wales, where in he swept in $16,000. He had been tasting success since the end of 2013, where he first hit a jackpot of $62,000 (with a eight-number keno ticket) while enjoying a vacation in Bega. Next was a nine-number jackpot worth over $200,000, which he won in 2014. Interestingly, he won the jackpot at Breakers itself. With his second-time win at the club, he took home a huge cash price of $1,035,857.

Obsession with winning

The winner first got into gambling around six years ago, when his friend turned into a millionaire overnight after winning a $2 million jackpot. The senior plans to retire next year, which was also another reason for him trying his luck constantly. Somehow, he had an intuition that he would win big soon, which is why he bought a Keno ticket everyday of the week (in which he won).

Ken Pearson, the manager of the Breakers Country Club too congratulated the lucky winner, who wishes to keep his identity a secret.

Rise in Assaults at Star Casino after Lockout Laws

The Star is working in close collaboration with quite a few major stakeholders. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of alcohol-related assaults occurring at the Star casino in Sydney since the introduction of the controversial lockout regulations by the government of New South Wales.

The NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research did a study of the police statistics to reveal that non-domestic, alcohol-fuelled assaults have increased by over 88.3% (year-over-year) in Pyrmont between April 2014 and March 2015.

 Increase in casino assault cases

Bocsar reports that the jump is primarily because of a rise in the incidents of assaults taking place at the famous Star Casino. A total of 20 assaults were recorded for the 12 months starting April 2013 and ending March 2014. The number of assaults between April 2014 and March 2015 were 74.

The Star is not within the elected lockout area and holds a 24-hour license. According to a spokesperson from the casino, the statistics failed to reveal the complete picture. He added that The Star received over 11,000,000 visitors each year on one site alone. This number is way more than other NSW venues. The spokesperson also said that they believed their guest safety record was quite strong.

 Star Casino security

The Star is working in close collaboration with quite a few major stakeholders. These include the regulator at the casino with 24/7 representatives on the site, and the NSW police, which is present during key trading hours.

Bocsar had done an analysis of figures earlier (till September 2014) which showed a fall in the number of assaults occurring in the Sydney CBD and Kings Cross. It came to the conclusion that there was dislocation of such assaults to the other areas which were close to the elected lockout area. This included the Pyrmont area near the casino.

Mobile Casino Promotions and Bonuses: Even Better Than Websites

promotions in mobile casinoWith over 4 billion smartphones speculated to be in operation by the end of this year, it’s not beyond understanding why more and more casinos have been trying hard to get the gamers and players to switch to the mobile sites or their native apps to access their services.

Mobile casinos have advantages for both the parties involved. Firstly, users get to access their favourite games and services on the go, without having to wait till they get their hands on their computers. On the other hand, online casinos get to understand the user behaviour in utmost details, thus allowing them to tailor their services for different users differently. This marks a clear deviation from the norm of standard services, making every service a player gets from a casino a highly customized affair. To state the obvious, this results into the players using the services more frequently, leading to a sort of cyclic chain of events.

To attract more users to their mobile platforms, many online casinos have launched fully fledged promotional campaigns. As a part of these campaigns, users are showered with promo cash and bonuses on their wagers made using mobile platforms. Let’s consider an example of William Hill, a leading casino. Upon using the William Hill Android app for the first time, you get a straight top up of £75 that can be used in conjunction with you regular casino wallet cash. Another leading casino Bet365 has apps for Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms. Bet365 offers an added bonus of 150% on new registrations made through smartphone apps.

Bookmakers’ Measures Unsuccessful in Helping Gambling Addicts

Bookmakers had put some measures in place to control gambling and protecting the unsuspecting gamblers from the roulette-style machines which are highly addictive in nature and were recently named the “crack cocaine of gambling”. However, a recent study held by the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) demonstrated the lack of impact of these measures put in place by the bookmakers. The initial code of conduct for this entire exercise was launched by the bookmakers in March 2013.

responsible gambling trust group

Findings of the Responsible Gambling Trust

The RGT, financed by the gambling industry, said that there was no statistical evidence to prove that the scheme launched by the bookmakers actually took off, given the lack of impact noticed in the amount of money gambled or the time spent on gambling activities by individuals on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals. To keep the gambling acts of compulsive gamblers in check, the gambling industry had to introduce some strict norms such as voluntary spending limits and training staff to spot individuals with gambling problems.

The industry took these steps after coming under the radar and facing pressure from the Labour Party, faith groups, and councils who have been trying to increase awareness and reduce the harm created by high-stakes and high speed terminals. Although the Association of British Bookmakers had expected the codes to bring down gambling time and money lost, the study showed otherwise. The “potentially world leading” codes set up by the ABB failed to achieve the results given that only 1,400 FOBTs out of the 3.9 million inspected showed the use of the new voluntary warning system.

Government intervention

The government has now intervened to control the maximum stake on FOBTs and has announced it obligatory for gamblers to state if they want to set a limit or not. However the government has recently rejected the request of 90 councils to reduce the bet amount to £2.

You probably won’t get a better welcome bonus than this

Online casinos try every trick in the book to attract more and more users to their website. Promotions and bonuses are some routinely used methods among these. But the fact remains that many of these promotions are highly conditional and actually don’t benefit those who don’t regularly play.

That’s about to change with some jaw-dropping welcome bonuses put on offer by Karamba Casino.

Karamba Casino for welcome bonuses

Karamba Casino Welcome Bonuses: Explained

The welcome bonuses designed by Karamba Casino are a tad different to the ones that most online gamblers have become used to, over the years. The model is simple. Once a player registers successfully, the welcome bonus package will be automatically applied to their account. The no-deposit welcome bonus will allow new players to use up to 10 free spins that expire within 72 hours of registration.

When the first deposit is made (£10 or more), it will be matched pound-for-pound (up to £200) by the casino. So, if a player deposits £50, actual credits worth £100 will be available in their account.

Beyond £200, the bonuses will be applied at a flat rate of 10%.

It should be noted that the bonus credit will be available only after the completion of 72 hours of lock-in period. What’s more exciting is the fact that first three deposits of £10 or more will qualify for a total of 120 free spins that will be made available in three instalments of 40 spins each over three days.

No time to lose!

There’s really no time to lose because it’s very likely that these extravagant bonuses won’t last for far too long. So, if you are interested, head to right away and make the most of these windfall promotions!