Keno Player Hits 1 Million Jackpot

Keno board

It was one of the best birthday gifts for a woman playing keno when she won a jackpot of more than $1 million. However, it seems celebrations have just begun for her and her family. Visit online casino Australia for casino reviews and making money online.

Birthday jackpot

The lucky woman hailing from Bundaberg said that it was sheer luck that worked in her favour as she had no intention of buying a keno ticket on a weekday. However, as it turns out she bought one while out for her birthday drinks and ended up winning at  Online Casino the surprise money. She won it by playing the winning numbers of her birthday day and year.

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She spent $20 on buying the ticket and played 20 games by spending $1 on each game. What’s more surprising for her is that while she usually plays only six numbers; she decided to play 10 numbers on her birthday night. What began as just a fun night of birthday celebration over a few drinks turned out to be one of the best nights of her life.

It is the second keno jackpot worth millions that has found a winner in Queensland. Keno is a popular casino and lottery game and now with all the talk of jackpot money, it is bound to become even more popular.

Humble winner

The winner of the birthday jackpot is excited by her win, but remains practical as far as her use of this jackpot money is concerned. She has four kids and works as patient diet monitor at a local hospital. She plans to continue working at her job, which she has held for the past decade. However, now she plans to use the funds to continue her education and study to be a dietician. She also wants to buy a house, make some investments and give some of the winning money to her children. The 42-year-old is thrilled at her win but says she knows how to sensibly use her money.

She says that she couldn’t believe that she was the winner of the keno jackpot. She thanked her stars saying that she won’t have to struggle to pay her bills any more.

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